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St. Michael (Michael, which means “who is like God”) the Archangel fought in heaven to block the evil powers of satan and all of his followers. He is an archangel but is sometimes placed higher than all angels. Scriptures describe Saint Michael as the leader in heaven to fight off satan. Today he is seen as a patron and protector by the church. The church celebrates st. Michael on his feast day which is September 29th. In the New Testament Michael leads God's armies against Satan's forces where during the war in heaven he defeats Satan. Many Christian ideas of Saint Michael appeared in the 4th century. In the 4th century he was mainly seen as a healing angel and then soon after seen as a protector and leader of the angel’s god has made to fight off the powers of satan. In the 6th century Saint Michael was starting to be…show more content…
Don’t worry, Mom, I am okay. I was wounded, but the doctor says that I will be up in no time. But that’s not what I have to tell you, Mom. Something happened to me that I don’t dare tell anyone else for fear of their disbelief. But I have to tell you, the one person I can confide in, though even you may find it hard to believe. You remember the prayer to Saint Michael that you taught me to pray when I was little: “Michael, Michael of the morning,…” Before I left home for Korea, you urged me to remember this prayer before any confrontation with the enemy. But you really didn’t have to remind me, Mom. I have always prayed it, and when I got to Korea, I sometimes said it a couple of times a day while marching or resting. Well, one day, we were told to move forward to scout for Commies. It was a really cold day. As I was walking along, I perceived another fellow walking beside me, and I looked to see who it was. He was a big fellow, a Marine about 6’4” and built proportionally. Funny, but I didn’t know him, and I thought I knew everyone in my unit. I was glad to have the company and broke the silence between

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