Persuasive Dialogue Interview

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Interviewee: John Albert is his other best friend and Chuck Bell and those three he called them the tripod. Roxanne and I are going to a wedding in Iowa and Roxanne again is officiating. Interviewer: How nice. Interviewee: It's funny, because you meet, like Shawn had said, you meet these guys, that you haven’t known that long, you bond relationships that are stronger than many you have known your whole life and I still feel that and they are still taking care of me. Interviewer: That is nice. Interviewee: Let's see, what else, a young couple having fun and partying. The night life was fun, traveling through Europe and things like that. We readily took the train to go anywhere which was nice. Interviewer: Yeah, the train is just amazing.…show more content…
So, that was our biggest scare and I'm sitting here crying and I remember the only thing he said, because we were probably going to stay in the military for quite a while and possibly be lifers. I said, I don’t care, whatever you want to do, I’ll follow you to the end of the earth, but that was the day that he said, I’m out, when I’m out. All I could think about was coming home to you and Joey and that was it for him. Interviewer: That was a big deal. Interviewee: Yeah. You know, that was one of his best friends, like I said, The Albert, the Cotts, the White, Bell and Deloria and Shone, they were all there and they all had this firefight together and got involved emotionally together and they ended up shortly after the Ranch House, they burned that fob down and then they all went to different areas; went to ballrooms and I think that is where they ended up going and they ended up in Aranus, Afghanistan and that was where he was killed. Which is closer to the Pakistan border and we all kind of knew it was more of a hostile, dangerous area. Interviewer: Right, more the tip of the

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