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Cussing, drugs, sex, violence this is what is associated with rap. Trucks, beer, women, farm, this is what is associated with country music. Knowing the differences in rap and country music is easy but the similarities are quite surprising both artist in there respect genres work very hard to make their songs and both get criticized about lyrics they have so let's see how different and similar these two genres of music really are. Country music is known for being pretty much the same and repetitive most is about drinking beers with buddies or taking your new truck mudding or falling in love with a women or dealing with a break up and even working on the farm. but really there's so much more to country music than people know there's a story behind the words that is more interesting than you would ever think. It's the same with rap music it's know for Cursing a lot, doing drugs, gang fighting shooting people and hating police. but it's more than that rap has gave people a voice they can say what they go through like the group NWA they caught so much heat for the song “F*** the Police” but its was to show how they were treated by the police and how just because they…show more content…
and aren't gender specific all music is universal and is made for

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