Romeo And Juliet Compared To Today

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What are the differences between the way people solve grudges now and the past? The Tragedy of Romeo and Juliet by William Shakespeare answers many questions that people have of the time period. That said, it is not very good at addressing problems of the modern day as they treated problems very differently. The question that was answered is that of “How could people overcome grudges most effectively?”. Now the answers that one might expect are not given. This essay will provide to you side by side analysis of Romeo and Juliet's answer compared to today's answer. The first modern day step to solving grudges is to try to end it early on, Romeo and Juliet’s answer to that is, “Some other generation can deal with it.” Now in Romeo and Juliet it does not say how long this grudge has been going on, but it can safely be assumed it has been going on a few generations. Nowadays people try to stop grudges before they go on too long. Humans find it easier to deal with early on. This also leads to the next answer…show more content…
Man has figured out that the less people involved, the better. In Romeo and Juliet's time the answer is apparently, “Lets get our whole family in on this, and don’t forget the extended family, and how about the servants too.” Now this does actually make sense because this was written in a revenge culture where eye for an eye was very common. Most families would get large groups of people on their side to get the other to pay up. Today however people live in a more forgiving culture and therefore they have no need for groups of people to get the other person to do what they

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