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Over the decades, the fight against climate change has turned into one of the main issues of international debate. It is now recognized as one of the major challenges that human has ever faced. Climate change is mainly caused by the greenhouse gas especially CO2 emissions which eventually causes ground level temperatures to increase. Data from the World Resources Institute (WRI) shows that 2.3 trillion tones of CO2 is added to the atmosphere in the last 200 years. CO2 emissions are currently 12 times higher than in 1900 as the world consumes more oil, gas and coal for energy. The impact of climate change can be seen clearly from the happening of earthquake, tsunami, flood and draught. Like all other countries in the world, Malaysia is also exposed to the risk of climate change. According to Tangang et al. (2012), the average surface temperature of Malaysia may increase by three to five degree Celsius at the end of 21st century. There is also a risk of sea level rise (Tiong et al., 2009). For the past forty years, Malaysia has experienced a rise of around 0.18°C per decade since year 1951. According to the Malaysia’s Ministry of Science, Technology and Environment (2000), a 10% reduction on the rice production for every 1°C increase in temperature. Oil palm plantation, mangrove forests and coastal infrastructure might also be affected…show more content…
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