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The Goal of Success, is it Possible? The idea of women not being equal to men has existed for years. Luckily, it is something that many of come to realize is wrong. People are beginning to realize that women have a purpose far greater than just childbirth. One woman in the United States who is well known for supporting this cause is Margaret Sanger. She is known for being one of the leading women in the birth control movement, a term she created herself. Her battle to fight women’s reproductive rights was a lifelong journey, but despite the opposition she faced from her rivals, she kept on fighting until she achieved success. Margaret Sanger’s personal past and the actions of the women’s rights movement, particularly the protesting for the…show more content…
During the late 1800s and into the first two decades of the 1900s, several women’s rights activists were focused on the right for women to vote. In 1920, the law passed and several women stopped fighting for new rights (“History of the Women’s Rights Movement”). Despite the decrease in popularity, several women continued to protest, like Margaret Sanger. At the time, women did not receive equal medical treatment when it came to reproductive health (Sanger, “Woman and the New Race”). In fact, women were denied access to the contraceptive devices and information that they needed (Sanger, “Statements by Mrs. Margaret Sanger”). Sanger believed that “women cannot be on an equal footing with men until they have full and complete control over their reproductive function” (Dreier). Due to her belief, she created the birth control movement because she personally knew the struggles that women as a whole faced at the time due to the lack of support in the health…show more content…
Sanger was one of eleven children (Wallace). Her mother died young, which did have a rather major impact on her family and childhood (Dreier). She believed that the cause for her mother’s early death was all of the children she gave birth to (Baker 9-10). Sanger claims that this event gave her an emotional motivation when she involved in the birth control movement (Wallace). Unfortunately, this was not the only woman Margaret Sanger personally saw suffer from childbirth. Margaret Sanger was a nurse, so she often saw women whom often were in search of a way to prevent their next pregnancy (“I Am Almost a Prisoner”). Her early work as a nurse did play a major role in her creation of the birth control movement because these were often the women that she found herself serving. Despite all of the effort Margaret Sanger put into promoting women’s health, she often forgot to mention her own ailing health. Some of her own medical conditions she contracted from her pregnancies (Bagge 74-5). Due to all of her personal experiences with women suffering from childbirth, Margaret Sanger decided to make a difference and create the birth control

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