Research Methodology: Differences Between Subjectivity And Objectivity

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• Understand the purpose of conducting a research work • An insight about research methodology • Differences between objectivity and subjectivity TOPICS COVERED 1.0 Introduction 1.1 Meaning of the term Research 1.2 Purpose of Research: 1.3 Scope of Research: 1.4 Importance of Research: 1.5 Types of Research: 1.6 Research Methodology: 1.7 Objectivity and Subjectivity: 1.8 Relationship between objectivity and subjectivity: 1.9 Research process: 1.10 Summing-Up 1.11 Model Examination Questions 1.12 Suggested Readings 1.0 INTRODUCTION Research in public idiom denotes to a hunt for knowledge. It is a scientific and systematic search for pertinent information on a specific topic. It is also an art of scientific investigation. Some consider research…show more content…
It is a process of systematic learning and unfolding of certain aspects of a subject. This is basically the method of analyzing the observations to gather, analyze, and interpret and the data. • Research is conducted by different individuals and bodies for multiple reasons, like to understand a certain phenomenon, to analyzesomething, for educational purpose, controlling and finding solutions to a problem and looking for the alternates. • The nature of the research is highly influenced by the theoretical framework of the researcher, their observations, and the collection of data and also the random samples, they will be using for the purpose of research. It also depends on the value that is taken from the research by the researcher himself and how he distinguishes his work from the other scholars who have already conducted research on similar topic, to understand the uniqueness of the work. • It has the ability to enrich an individual with information about thoughts, opinions, culture, scientific facts, medical information, attitudes, psychological phenomenon, habits and…show more content…
Research is important in both scientific as well as non-scientific fields as it helps the researchers to have a detailed look at the events, phenomenon and process of a particular subject and provides in- depth information about the same. 2. Helps in gaining thorough understanding and possible and practical solutions for a problem related with a scientific community or general society. 3. Research which is available on existing theories contributes in identifying the applications for which it can be used. 4. It serves as a mass area of knowledge and also delivers guidelines for solving a problem. 5. It is the basic step of forming any government policies or for taking any decisions. For instance, research on the needs and desires of people and on availability of revenues required by the government of a country to meet the demands of the people plays an active role in preparing a budget. 6. Very significant in industries and businesses for higher productivity and to improve the quality of products. 7. Optimizes the problems involved in the mathematical and logical research on

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