Conformity In Brave New World

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To be an outcast and separate oneself from society can be a difficult thing to do, especially in a situation where that isn’t the norm. Bernard Marx and Christopher Boone however, both find themselves isolated from the community around them. Whether they have control over that situation or not, these characters face difficulties with the reality they’re living in. While Bernard may have been given the unfortunate disadvantage during the birthing process, his actions further separate him from his peers. Christopher tooid was born different from most people and is most often found placing himself on the outskirts of the crowd, hiding away from others. The same obstacle is shared between people of very different backgrounds, changing their futures…show more content…
Those that had different social values or personal ideals were reprimanded by those of higher power. The idea that everyone should be involved and interact with one another was taken seriously. Bernard Marx struggled with that however, since his alteration during the birthing process had paved the way for a lifetime of isolation. His personal ideals and shorter height separated him greatly from the rest of the Alpha Pluses. Marx is one of the few that chooses to stay away from the prominent drug use seen in society. After being offered Soma while on a date, he replies honestly with, “‘I’d rather by myself...Myself and nasty. Not somebody else, however jolly’” (Huxley 89). Bernard feels that taking an antidepressant isn’t the cure for his problems. With that thought though, he represents the minority of the population. He further takes himself away from society by passing up Soma and not letting his opinion be swayed by people around him. Marx also physically isolates himself when he gets the chance. He works to stay away from crowded areas and places where he would need to interact with others. Being alone means more time with his thoughts, and emotionally, Bernard is not stable. Marx struggles to find ways to fix the problem and rather chooses ways to blame others. With a pessimistic attitude like that, he keeps himself from ever having the chance to join with the rest of the…show more content…
Instead of forcing human interaction, The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-time allows for characters to pull themselves away from society when needed. Christopher Boone was born with a disability that often alters his view of the people around him. He finds himself not liking crowds or strangers so physically isolating himself for certain periods of time help him keep his sanity. Isolation provides a happy place for Christopher, one where he can be alone and reconnect with his thoughts. While in the train station one day, “...There were some little tables with chairs next to them and no one was sitting at one of the tables and it was in a corner and [Christopher] sat down on one of the chairs next to it and [he] closed [his] eyes” (Haddon 146). Placing oneself on the outskirts of a crowd isn’t a punishable offense in this setting. Boone will often hide for a bit and will not be reprimanded for it. By isolated himself, he is also able to emotionally collect himself. He uses this time alone to differentiate between what he can and cannot handle. Interactions among new people are one of the things he has difficulty dealing with. In cases where there may be exposure to that, Christopher has exercises in which to settle his mind and regain control of his thoughts. Just like Marx, Boone is noticeably different than everyone else. His mental illness has made him a minority and one that stands out in society.

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