Narrative Essay On Tattoo

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My eye sight was very dull at that moment. I felt light headed as a light bulb over me was suddenly lit. I recoiled at it, and slowly looked back up at the face that was standing over me. Glancing around, I found what I was looking for. The sword still lay in its sheath, the beautiful golden and bronze design lit the room with a bit of royalty. Just seeing it made some of my worries go away. But then they were replaced with other worries, doubt of my friends safety. "Hey, can you hear me yet? That truth serum seriously isn't doing the trick." The man said, looking over at another person in the corner of the room, who was rummaging through my pack of stuff. He threw things about, water and food, my supplies. "That chemist said it was the real deal." He said, he looked up from having his head in my pack. He was bald, a…show more content…
"This is what happens when you capture the legendary Dagonet! Or that would be Sir Dagonet to you!" I said, pointing at the bucket on Tattoo's head. There was another silence. I'm reminded that no one is watching and I can't boast. Disappointment rivers through me as I walk to the stairs that lead to the upper floor of this place. "Here goes nothing." I mumbled. But as soon as I started up the stairs, the door opened to the upward floor I was heading to, and there stood another man. This one was different from the others, clothed in a dark cloak and long hood. He stretched his hand out towards me, and suddenly all the wood of the stairs ripped apart, and an invisible force pushed towards me. Then I'm in the air, spinning around like a rag doll. Smashing into the wall with a large force, I feel my vision fade a little, the world starts to spin. For now, let's stop there. I know what your thinking, oh great, a story that starts off in the present and has to go into the past to tell the whole story of how we ended up in that place. Well deal with it, it's one of those

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