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ClassDojo would be an effective tool because it would include Joey’s parents and they could partner with the teacher to monitor his behavior. Joey would also have an incentive to remain on task because his good behavior would be rewarded. D2. Learning To enhance learning in a third grade classroom and an effective tool for keeping Joey on track would be the use of SoundCloud. SoundCloud is a podcast platform in which the teacher can record live speech, a demo, or upload something that was recorded earlier. To help Joey to stay on track and to eliminate his difficult behavior I would give Joey oral reading assignments and allow him to record his voice on the SoundCloud. This way he can talk freely while increasing his oral reading fluency and he would be able to maintain focus. Children often enjoy hearing their own voices and the SoundCloud podcast platform can be utilized to enhance Joey’s learning. He will be able to listen to information that the teacher provides and review the material at his discretion. He can also use the podcasts to review material. D3. Engagement…show more content…
Clickers are electronic devices in which student can record answers to multiple choice questions anonymously and the results are displayed. They are a great tool for student participation and also to guide teachers so that they know what topics need further discussion and when the students have a grasp of the academic material. The use of clickers would be an exciting and engaging tool for Joey because they would help him to feel more involved in the classroom. Clickers can help get rid of Joey’s difficult behavior because he is very social and clickers will encourage him to have a more focused means of communication through peer discussion. He will be able to discuss and debate ideas within the classroom. Joey will learn to articulate his reasoning while making sense of the learning

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