Comparison Of The Great Gatsby: Book And Movie

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F. Scott Fitzgerald’s 1925 novel The Great Gatsby has inspired many people and other artists, including Hollywood. There have been many movies that were made based off of this famous novel. The most poplar movie for thirty-nine years was Jack Clayton’s adaptation of The Great Gatsby in 1974. Recently in 2013 Baz Luhrmann came out with his film of this widely known story. Whenever movies are made based on books they never fully show every part or they even change some things. In Clayton’s 1974 film of The Great Gatsby there are many modifications in compared with Fitzgerald’s original novel. The 1974 film and the novel of The Great Gatsby differ in many ways such as the portrayal of the characters, the visual queues, and lastly the feelings/emotions.…show more content…
In the novel in that part they talk a lot more about Myrtle’s new dog that she has gotten. In the novel the fight breaks out between Tom and hits Myrtle because she start to talk about Daisy and uses her name around him. But in the movie Tom decides to hit Myrtle for another reason, being that she says he is very clumsy man. That angers Tom, then fight breaks out and he ends up breaking her nose. In the movie they also make the fight seem a lot longer than what it seems in the book. Probably to add more drama in a Hollywood film, which is to be expected. In the movie the characters have more than an exchange of words. There is a quite a bit more ruckus with throwing of stuff, slamming of the door, and the violent blow to Myrtle is also very dramatic. After Myrtle is hit the other ladies in the room tend to her and go up to help her out with her broken nose. In the novel that is not really there at all because the whole event is very short and to the point. In the novel it is almost as it is not a major event but in the movie it is one of those major…show more content…
There are many movies that are taken from novels that are extremely different. His movie was so well done to the effect, which has made this assignment quite difficult. In Clayton’s favor The Great Gatsby is not the lengthiest novel but it is deep with meaning. Novels such as J. K. Rowling’s Harry Potter series were all made into movies. Each movie was missing and changed large portions of the books. It is possible because those books are super thick, long reads, and has complex plots. Even more annoying the newest movie did a good job depicting the novel. Films are still being made about this novel and there are thousands who continue to read this story. F. Scott Fitzgerald legacy still remains even after ninety years of his novel and seventy-five years after his death people are still enjoying his works. This was my second time reading the novel and seeing the movie. I have also had the chance to share this novel with a cousin of mine who did not have the chance to have this read in high school. Hollywood and I have helped in forming Fitzgerald’s legacy. We see when watching movies that they can change the behavior of characters, setting, and

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