What Is The Mood Of The Four Seasons Vivaldi

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Vivaldi's Four Seasons is possibly one of the more familiar compositions of the Baroque Era. The beauty of each "season" touches the listener’s heart and mind. Antonio Vivaldi was privileged to live in Venice, which was an epicenter for the arts. This advantage led to his successes by allowing him to be a violin instructor at Ospedale della Pieta, a boarding home for nobleman's illegitimate daughters. He was very actively composing concertos, between the years of 1725-1728, including Four Seasons. During Vivaldi's time, musicians lived and worked with the rich nobles. He was no exception, due to the success of his compositions. It seems that Venice was home for Vivaldi, he returns in 1741 (Sartorius). In this essay, we will discuss three of the Four Season in detail by looking at melody, dynamic, and timbre.…show more content…
Then suddenly, harsh tension is created as if there is a thunderstorm from the sky. The songbirds dance with the trees, then the music slows down into Largo. In this section, the music created is a more curious and mysterious mood. The melody seems softer and calmer and there is less tension, according to slow movement. Then it turns faster again in to Allegro as if the shepherd who was asleep suddenly awakes and dances. The third movement, Fall, starts with peaceful melody as all the villagers are having a party to celebrate the fruitful year. The tension is getting higher as people get drunk. However, suddenly it slows down into calm because the people are all invited to fall asleep. However all of a sudden, the music suddenly changes speed as if people are awake in the morning and hunters are go hunting with their dogs and chasing the

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