The Great Gatsby Movie And Book Comparison Essay

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“The Great Gatsby” and “Breakfast at Tiffany’s” are the most popular books of the modern age. The books became so popular that they even were turned into film adaptations. When the novels were turned into movies something happen between the convergent of the medium. The response from both fans and critics alike are viewed negatively when the films are not to expectation. Films based on novels are usually not as good as the book because they do not get in to depth with the characters, have missing details for the development of the plot, and periodically the film will change scenes from the book. Film adaptations do not go in to depth with characters development, which can give a sense ‘loss of touch’ with characters. Films have a difficult time trying to express the characters on screen because their characteristic might change. According to Marie Arana "Five Very Good Books That Made Very Bad Movies" she points out that the actor who played Gatsby in the 1974 film did not portray him well, “sunny Robert Redford was no match for the amoral enigma of Jay Gatsby”. In the film Gatsby’s character does not match that of the character in the novel. Arana…show more content…
The article “Everything that the Hunger Games Left Out” Meredith Werner sheds light on how not all characters are not portrayed or even seen on the film, “Right out the gate, there's a fairly big change. Katniss no longer receives the pin from Madge Undersee (daughter of the mayor of District 12). Instead she picks it up for her sister, Prim, at The Hob to cheer her up on Reaping Day explaining that the pin will keep her safe”. In the novel Katniss obtains the pin from the mayor’s daughter, however in the film that scene does not happen. Instead in the film Katniss simply gets the pin from an underground black market called “The Hob”. The difference in detail of how she obtain the pin give more meaning the pin later on in the

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