How Does Othello Lose His Reputation

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Imagine there is an innocent child who makes a mistake, and that mistake gives him a reputation for the rest of his life. Reputation is worth a lot to most people in the world and everyone tries their best not to lose it. Most people believe that it is possible to rebuild a reputation once it is lost. It’s possible but on the other hand it is extremely difficult. Reputation is also a deserved thing, It's impossible to be born with it unless the person is of royalty. Acts of reputation have been shown plenty of times in the books Othello by William Shakespeare, The Secret Life of Bees by Sue Monk Kidd, and also a real life scenario that happened to me. To start off, the book Othello heavily used the idea of reputation. In fact, Iago's entire plan was to ruin Othello's reputation by making it look like Cassio had sex with Desdemona. One example was where he took Desdemona’s kindness and compassion and used it against her so she looked like a whore in Othello’s eyes. In this case her reputation could not be regained because of the new anger Othello had toward her. In this book for Cassio he is the one who is constantly trying to rebuild his reputation with Othello when Iago keeps tearing it down slowly. Iago said many thing to make Cassio…show more content…
Most people would think that this book would have more to do with racism and being prejudice towards colored people. One way that Lily lost her reputation was with her dad. It was because of her love for colored people. He didn't respect her choice and never loved her the same way ever since she told him that. When segregation was still a really big thing white people really didn't mingle with the different race. The people who did got bullied, called names, got left out, and had little amounts of people who cared about them. Even though she lost her reputation for a good cause, its now impossible to get it

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