The Great Gatsby: Comparison Of Book And Movie

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Comparing movies to books is like comparing a frozen pizza to a freshly made deep-dish pizza. The one will always dominate the other, but once in a great while the movie will hit the book right on the money and the world is happy. Francis Scott Fitzgerald created a powerhouse novel that stuck out through multiple decades and is still alive in classrooms today. Some people may think that trying to create a movie from a greatly appreciated book is a bad idea, but Baz Luhrmann pursued his goal and made a vivid, unique motion picture. The Great Gatsby movie director did an above average job with connecting the movie to the book, but as history goes, the book was better than the movie. Readers get a special feeling when reading a book and picturing…show more content…
Then when the movie is released, their images and specific details they thought they knew from the book are shattered. The Great Gatsby is a very well respected book in the literature world and to make a movie out of it is a ballsy feat. In the book, Nick comes across as a very authentic character and makes an almost perfect narrator because of his unbiased attitude. He is an honest man who can see through what people have and see them for the real them. Early on in the novel, Gatsby is portrayed as a very mysterious character, making readers turn the page to see what this man is about. Gatsby’s manners are elite and his personality quiet. With an insanely wealthy estate and lavish parties, people question where Gatsby comes from and how he became the Great Gatsby. It is obvious that the people in the book from the West Egg are more cordial than the East Egg people. East Egg residents think that their inherited money makes them godly and above the rest. Tom Buchanan is like the East Egg poster child, gloating around about his money and being a very disloyal man. The link between the East and West Egg is Daisy Buchanan, Gatsby’s first and only love, and also Nick’s cousin. The book does not

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