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Case Study: Oliver A functional behavior assessment is an investigative process that results in an understanding of why someone displays the behaviors they display (Steege, Watson, & Watson, 2009). Through the use of assessment tools provided, triggers, motivators, and reinforcers, of behavior can be identified which are specific to the individual. It is through identifying these unique characteristics we are able to develop intervention plans which are tailored to the individual. In order to conduct an effective FBA information must be gathered from several sources across different environments and on more than one instance of an observed behavior. The FBA is not a solitary methodology but a compilation of techniques that all serve to identify the specific variables that control an individual's behavior; that knowledge is then used to design interventions which are functionally equivalent and tailored to the individual (Steege, Watson, & Watson, 2009).…show more content…
A vague description such as "Oliver is having temper tantrums," makes it difficult to pinpoint the cause of the behavior and in turn selecting an appropriate intervention becomes less likely. During the informal intake interview Oliver's were asked to describe what his tantrum behavior looked like in order to create an observable behavior description. It was then determined that Oliver's behavior is operationally defined as: Oliver throws himself on the floor, kicks and screams for longer than 30 seconds. One could go further to describe when he displays these behaviors, such as adding "when demands are placed on him," however, through filling out an ABC paradigm, the antecedent and consequence of the behavior will become apparent. Once the behavior is defined, data can be collected and its function can be identified through the

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