Interest Groups Research Paper

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Individuals often form interest groups with people of common interest. Through interest groups, individuals seek to pursue their interests by attempting to influence public policy. Interest groups endeavor to persuade Congress members into supporting or opposing particular legislations. By organizing and mobilizing members, groups aim to influence politics. To protect the individuals’ rights to promote their interests, the Constitution has several provisions. Foremost, the provision of speech allows citizens to say most things they wish to. The First Amendment guarantees such right to express one’s opinion. However, this provision does have few limitations to some types of speech. For instance, the provision does not allow a person to harm…show more content…
This provision is also guaranteed by the First Amendment. This provision allows for the organization of protests which can greatly affect public policy. Without government regulating and intervening organized meetings, this provision allows the platform for interest groups to convene. In addition, the First Amendment also guarantees the freedom to petition. This provision lets interest groups express their disapproval of the Government through petitions. To impact public policy, interest groups engage in various activities. Foremost, interest groups take part in grassroots mobilization. Interest groups organize citizens at the local level and raise awareness of a particular subject matter. Interest groups mobilize the gathered citizens in the community and attempt to affect policymakers by supporting a local party. This constituency of people can alter the voting behavior of members in the Congress representing the particular grassroots mobilization. Moreover, interest groups lobby government institutions. Through lobbying, interest groups directly impact policymakers. Interest groups lobby by talking with Congressmen to persuade them into supporting their positions. The interest groups successfully lobby by constantly providing information on the particular

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