Comparing Romeo And Juliet

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Romeo and Juliet is thought to be one of the most tragic love stories of all time. "For never was a story of more woe than this of Juliet and her Romeo.” One of the famous lines Shakespeare uses, there has been many adaptations about these two star crossed lovers. For our purposes we will be comparing the similarities and differences of the 1996 version directed by Baz Lurhrmann and the 2013 film directed by Carlo Carlei. Two completely different styles to the same story in the hopes that the present day audience will embrace the story and language of “Romeo and Juliet.” Having seen the two styles on screen, one can probably relate to the Luhrmann's adaptation more, given it is a modern version. However the more traditional setting of Carlei's adaptation will take viewers to the actual Shakespearean time in which it took place, giving the true feeling of the story.…show more content…
In both movies, Juliet is portrayed as a youthful, innocent girl, willing to sacrifice everything for love. The scene where Juliet is speaking to herself about her encounter with Romeo is exactly as it is in the original story, taking place in the evening, she analyzes her feelings for Romeo and him being a Montague. She is in agony between her feelings for her new love and her devotion to her family. At the end her choice is clear, she and Romeo will marry and hopefully the feud will end or they will run away. In the modern day version the balcony is a pool, she and Romeo fall into. The dialogue is very similar to the original story but not the setting. The 2013 version sticks to the classic setting but has changed much of the original dialogue losing some of the more powerful expression Shakespeare
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