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Outside Reading Project: Othello 6. In the tale Othello, I can compare the main character, Othello, to character of tale Beowulf. Othello is a powerful figure in his town and is respected by all those around him. Although he is old and easy to manipulate, he is a respected warrior who lived much of his life as a solider. His experiences as a soldier gain him respect and honor among the people of his town and also gain the admiration of many women. “I saw Othello’s visage in his mind, And to his honors and his valiant parts did I my soul and fortunes consecrate” (I.iii.252). When Desdemona said this, she knew she gave her whole life to Othello because of his honor and bravery and agreed to be a “soldier wife.” Beowulf, the protagonist, is…show more content…
Throughout his life, Beowulf embodies the values of the knight culture that was prized in societies of that era. Beowulf and Othello possess a lot of the same traits as one another. Although very similar, they also exemplify many different traits. Beowulf is a hero tale with mythical creatures and villains. The story of Othello is a tragedy set in the “modern day” meant for entertainment and shock value. They are very different periods in history and in beliefs. Beowulf is a pagan tale with strong female characters as well as male characters. While Othello is in a Christian world. We can say this because they are both kings, soldiers and warriors, and would do anything for their country. 2. In the play Othello, there are three different main women characters that include Desmonada, Bianca, and Emily. Each one of these women has a different social status and portrays how women were treated in the sixteenth century. In Shakespeare’s time women were seen in many different ways. Depending on your class women were treated and seen differently. In the 16th century many women were seen as the household

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