Lack Of Government In Lord Of The Flies

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William Golding, the writer of “Lord of the Flies,” aimed to exhibit the source of society’s flaws, human nature. Golding argues that because of human nature, without the restrictions posed by government and society, individuals would stray from reason and become uncivilized. A strong, functioning government is needed for society because, the government establishes laws under which society operates, has a systematic approach to foreign policy, allowing peace with neighboring countries, and it is human nature to be savage. Some may argue that if the government is too powerful and centralized, totalitarian regimes may form that take rights away from citizens; however, Golding posits that a lack of government will always lead to chaos, so in spite of the risks, it is better to have a strong government than none at all. Therefore, a strong, functioning government is needed for the survival of society.…show more content…
Without these laws or the enforcement of them, people would run rampant and society would disintegrate. Laws keep us safe and ensure our rights as citizens; a strong, functioning government ensures that these rights cannot be taken away from us by other people or organizations. For example, traffic laws and speed limits exist so that people drive in a safe manner and do not endanger or hurt others. Also, laws can protect individuals, especially minorities, from discrimination based on gender, race, or age. Most importantly, laws help our basic freedoms as shown in the Constitution’s Bill of Rights; without these fundamental freedoms, society would not be able to properly
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