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How people can best respond to conflicts I´ll talk about how people can best respond to conflicts, because that are the important parts of the stories, what they do, their attitudes, the situation they have, etc. I chose two stories: “Cujo” and “The diary of Anne Frank”. I’m going to talk of each story and what they do to respond the conflict of the stories and how they responded to it. First I´m going to talk a bout Cujo, by Stephen King, and then The diary of Anne Frank, by Anne Frank. “Cujo”:it is about a dog that was bitten by a bat and that bat had rage, so cujo was infected by rage. And Cujo started to be different with all, he killed people. There was a family, Donna was the mother and Tad her son, they cant get out of the car because Cujo was out side and the car didn´t want to turn on so they were locked. Donna and Tad were affected a lot because they see that there was a…show more content…
she lived with many problems. The Nazis captured them and sent them to a concentration camp where they were treated like animals, and treated them very bad, that affected a lot, and they suffered a lot. Anne was a very positive person, she had a good control on the situation about what happened in that time with the Jews and the Nazis. She was very mature and always she tried to keep calm and wrote her feelings on her diary called “Kitty”. About all the she things that thought were happening, Anne was very positive and no matter what happened just to think positive and keep calm, that’s why Anne is very popular now, because she gave us a very good example of how to respond a conflict. In both stories are different ways to respond to a conflict and and the attitudes of the characters were different but just trying to keep calm and trying to have a good behavior and trying to see the good part in life, that can help people to respond a

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