The Tell-Tale Heart: The Story Of Anne Frank

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Argumentative Essay The story about Anne Frank in it the main conflict in the story is that she and her family are hiding from the Nazi because she and her family are Jews and during the WWII the Jews were forced to work and were mistrated.Many of them were send to concentration camps or lonely cells and they die in there. In Anne Frank Diary tell about all the problems she and her family face during the war times.The conflict in the story affects Anne Frank and her family because they can be send to concentration camps.They started to hide in different places and Anne describes it as dark and little. She describes herself as positive things because she looks at the bright side of the things like when they were not allowed to use cars or luxury she tells about things that were allowed to use and says that it is good to have them.…show more content…
In the Tell Tale Heart the main conflicto talks about a vulture eye, the vulture eye that makes crazy the main character makes him wants to wet rid of it and kill the old man that has the vulture eye in it.This affect very much in the live of the main character because him make a murder and when he tries to hide him, he hide him in the floor. The story is full of crazyness because the way he killed the old man is very crazy.When he kills him he hide the body down in the floor and let him there.Because of the vulture eye he became crazy and mad and this change him so much in the story. The conflict is about to get rid of the eye and he solves it but the fault of the murder makes him think about it and dont forget it.At the end the pólice comes and the man starts to hear the beat of the old man´s heart and at the end he confess that he kills

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