College Success Research Paper

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College success- College is a big transition from high school. Its more independent work than anything. You are faced with countless deadlines and an overflowing amount of information to digest. Bad habits from high school such as not studying for a test or taking down notes during lectures create problems for you. In order to be successful at Morton College I plan to substitute these bad habits with good ones such as setting aside study time and memorizing course material. Studying is an important part of college. Therefore I plan to set aside 20 mins everyday to study for every class I'm taking, instead of playing video games. This repetitive behavior will help me do well in the class and also cut back on the excess video gaming. Another way I can be successful at Morton college is memorizing and understanding course materials. One way I can memorize material is by making flashcards to study any where. I can understand the material by applying it to daily life. By applying it to daily life I can comprehend key concepts. Modifying Humans-…show more content…
I do believe we will socialize with robots soon. We already do it with siri and Google now. It is beneficial to you because it does help you get organized , almost like your own personal assistant. This software is only improving to integrate with you more. Now the real question is if we should limit ourselves to not be depending on this software. I am honestly excited and scared of what the future has in store for us. I'm excited for how the advancement can make our life easier. On the other side I am worried about how much of ourselves are we putting out there on the internet and how we are depending on robots or other device to hold our personal information. Which it can be easily hacked. I feel we should still advance as much as we can with technology. We shouldn't stop because being scared if the
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