Odysseus Is A Good Leader Essay

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Although it is arguable that Odysseus is a strong leader, a thorough analysis says otherwise. Odysseus is a weak and inadequate leader because he fails to earn the respect of his men time in and time out. An example of this is when Odysseus’ men attempted to steal from him and unknowingly unleashed the bag of winds that was given to Odysseus by Aiolos (166, 49-550), when one of his men refuse to follow Odysseus into danger and tells Odysseus, “You cannot return, I know it” (173, 293), and when his men argue with him when Odysseus refuses to make for shore, resulting Odysseus, swaying to their demands, which ultimately results in the deaths of Odysseus’ entire crew. In most cases, a great leader is able to gain the respect and admiration of his men. In all of these instances, Odysseus’ men disrespect him over and over again by refusing to follow him, by insulting/mocking him, and even by attempting to rob him. Therefore, Odysseus cannot be an admirable leader.…show more content…
After coming back to Aiaia from the land of the dead, Circe gave Odysseus instruction on how to go on with his mission of getting home, and she told him, “I see destruction for ship and crew. Rough years then lie between you and your homecoming, alone and old, the one survivor, all companions lost” (213, 166-170) a chilling message which Teirêsias, the ghost of a great prophet, also said in different words earlier on page 188. Normally, an adept leader puts his men before himself. Here, Odysseus trades the lives of all of his men to get back home to the island of Ithaca, where his wife and son waited for him. Thus, Odysseus is a horrible

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