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Were the Romans as civilised as they thought they were? The Roman empire was one that stood out above others. They conquered many territories and invented many useful things, such as the aqueduct or the apartment. There inventions led to them thinking that they were civilized but how civilized were they actually? This essay will look at that one question and try to answer it from five different aspects. The Aspects are: Architecture, Government, economy, Luxury and entertainment. Architecture and Engineering The Romans were outstanding at building. They made big, resistant houses and apartment blocks. Their idea of building the apartment has brought it to us today. The Patricians’ houses were called Domus and the Plebeians’ houses were…show more content…
Plebeians lived in big apartment blocks that were normally around five stories high. The lower the floor was, the more expensive the apartment got. The top floors were always the cheapest for the following reasons: Very unsafe, you could burn you apartment block and the ones next to yours if there was a fire (only at the beginning of apartment blocks.) You had to go all the way up the stairs. Any damage to the roof and it could fall on your head. Later on, after a great catastrophe that burned down a large part of Rome, apartment blocks were built out of mud brick which eliminates the first reason the top apartments being cheaper than the lower ones. Buildings, like most other things were most likely built by slaves and designed by architects. Patricians often had floor heating which was run by slaves. Other remarkable pieces of architecture were the Roman aqueducts. They brought fresh water from the mountains all the way to Rome. The way they work is simple, aqueducts are like big bridges, they carry water from one place to another because aqueducts are slightly tilted so that the water still moves forward. It takes and large amount of precision to measure the angle and the slope you need to keep the water moving without the aqueduct sinking to the

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