College Should Be Free Essay

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Abstract College should be free not only because the cost of college is too expensive but they spend trillions of dollars on military service. The cost of college is raising the tuitions are getting a lot more expensive. With college being free, the youth has something to look forward too and further their education. The government spends millions of dollars on welfare and what not, why does the government not want to pay for public education among the youth. Poverty will no longer exist in the U.S. the employees rate will go up and the government will no longer need to spend thousands of dollars on welfare. College should be free because some people can’t afford it and the students end up taking out a loan. It would…show more content…
Everything is paid for by someone. Everything comes with a price no matter what it is. The government wouldn’t pay for college because they are too worried about making our nation stronger. The government isn’t going to hand out free tuition they would rather have you pay for it. The government needs the flow of money to go through the economy, if not the economy drops and there is no government help for the people who live on it; money controls the world(N.p. 2013). The governments stated goal was to provide every kid with a quality public education from kindergarten through college. The government is only providing it until high school. The cost of tuition is free from kindergarten to high school;the cost of college is pretty high nowdays, and most states face further increases in college tuition. The government should try to do something about this and make college free (N.p. 2013). A college education should be provided for every child who wants to go to college and further their education. This is important to the youth who actually want to learn and not have to pay back thousands of dollars in debt. The loan interests are at its peak now. Education shouldn’t be out of anyone’s reach; learning and education should not be only for the wealthy but for the poor also to strive for
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