Persuasive Essay On Why College Should Be Free

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Why College Should be Free Free college tuition would encourage more people to get a higher level of education, reduce the crippling debt people pay for college, and would greatly improve the country as a whole. In 2012, the average college graduate had a debt of $29,000 hanging over their head after they completed school. This debt, mixed with the poor job economy, leads to poverty and stress. When people graduate from college, they’re supposed to find a job and start a life. This is a very hard task when all a person can worry about is how to pay off their accumulated debt. Some people get loans and are left paying off their college fees for a good majority of their lives, while others decide that college is too expensive in the long run and decide to not further their education after high school. The cost of college can deter many people from enrolling. The effect of this is thousands of people not being able to reach their full potential in life, which affects them individually and the society as a whole. People who don’t attend college are not able to obtain their dream job, or even a job of their choice. The lucky ones who get a job, no matter what it is, still have tremendous money struggles. It is a proven fact that people who attend college make a higher yearly salary than those who don’t attend.…show more content…
Once a student graduates from college, their next task is to find a job. This can be very difficult at times because the job economy is very bad. Trying to find a house and a job at the same time is a tiring and expensive task alone, but add on the formidable debt gained from earning a degree, and it becomes overwhelming. If college students did not have to pay for any tuition, graduating and finding a place to live would be less stressful. Students would not have to apply for any loans, which some people spend years paying off. People would live much more successful lives without college tuition

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