The Importance Of Free Speech Movement

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Free Speech In our lecture, we have learned about free speech movement in the first unit of this quarter. The leader of this movement was Mario Savio, and he was an American activist and he leaded people in the Berkeley Free Speech Movement. Because Katherine Towle banned the off- campus political activities, this action made students in UC Berkeley got mad. And that was the main reason for Mario to start a speech about their free speech rights. In my opinion, I think Mario’s behavior did a great job on encouraging people to protect their rights on saying things freely. Otherwise, we have no free speech rights nowadays. But free speech right is not absolutely in the world, and so countries still have no free speech rights, and sometimes free speech right is not rational. As a college student in the current society, we just keep doing stupid things and learn the useless things that we won’t use in future. Students don’t care about those political things that happening in this country, at least UCR students are like that. We just do the things that college allows us to do, and we think it is rational to obey everything that college told. If this case was…show more content…
Talking is the way for people to get knowing with each other, saying correct thing is the way for people to live an easier life. Sometimes we should not say what we think directly. Assume that a teacher talk to a student, the student should respect the teacher in this situation in our common sense, but some rude students would say something that very disrespectful to the teacher. The teacher will commit crime if he says things that very disrespectful to a student, but everyone has free speech right, so it is unfair in this case. Also, government should control the free speech right in some ways even America is democrats country because government should have a little bit control over the population, or the revolution will be caused
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