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Microsoft P.C and Mac are the world’s two main competitors in the computer industry. Both have some features in common and others are totally differing. P.C and Macs both have the standard look of the desktop with monitor, c.p.u, mouse keyboard or laptop. However, the two competitors are of different leagues. Microsoft is designed keeping in mind affordability, effectiveness and compatibility. Whereas Macs are designed for the technology lovers, the Greeks. Although both the P.C. and the Mac abide the similarity of standard desktop and laptop, they both greatly contrast each other. Firstly, an IMac is made up of one large monitor screen which has the c.p.u built into it. This provides an opportunity to overcome the hassle of having a large…show more content…
The prices of Macs may vary from Rs10000 to Rs40000. P.C.s range from prices under Rs.5000 to prices as high as Rs.40000 (such as the AlienWare series). Taking a lower-end Mac, and a higher-end P.C., a similar price range may occur, vice versa. In addition, the costs for products that house these two companies vary proportionally to the cost of the computers themselves. For example, the average Mac keyboard may cost 3 times more than the average P.C. complement. Likewise, replacing a P.C. monitor may cost far less than replacing a monitor for a…show more content…
and the Mac strongly contrast each other when it comes to the software itself. Microsoft computers use the “Windows” series, which include “Windows XP, Windows Vista, and Windows 7” to name a few. Each of these has their own sub-versions, such as the “Windows 7 professional”. The Mac software in distinction can be neatly divided into two parts. The earlier and first software is known as the “Mac OS series”. The second part is the latest and most updated version of the “Mac OS”, renamed “Mac OS X”. Among the “Mac OS X” series, they have been updated versions. The general attitude strongly suggests that users prefer the Mac user interface, often commenting that it is more “amusing” and “inventive”. This nifty software unquestionably has a higher resolution in screen display. The “Mac OS X” is also known for less repeated technical problems-which include freezing, bugs, and crashing-when compared with their P.C. counterparts. However, the superior quality of the Mac software is compromised by its compatibility with programs. The Microsoft P.C. has lesser graphics, animations, and performance reliability; however, the vast majority of programs and applications are built for P.C. users. This includes many things such as computer games, editing programs, and office programs. Therefore, the P.C. makes up for its dull interface with an unmatched

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