Collaboration In Healthcare

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The importance of team collaboration and Communication In the ever-changing healthcare field it is believed that all hospital employees are part of the healthcare interdisciplinary team, from the attending physician to the chef in the kitchen as part of quality patient care. When it comes to caring for patients in a hospital setting, in many cases there is increasing complexity in pre-existing morbidities. Patient care is now from combined from physicians of different specialties, nursing and many other health care professions because of the complexity of cases. Problem solving has to occur now not only from one physician but from each and every healthcare professional involved in the patients care. Each healthcare professional have separate…show more content…
Communication between others is not just between others in the verbal form but also non-verbal, for example; in the healthcare profession a majority of communication is through notes. According to the Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality, when a patient is admitted to the hospital within an average of 4-day stay they can see up to fifty different employees (O’Daniel, 1). Communication is among the most important aspects of collaboration in healthcare when it comes to preventing medical errors. A lack of communication can lead to several risks in serious situations including lack of critical information, unclear orders, and overlooked changes in status. This lack of communication can be from misinterpretation of communication in there notes. According to the Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality, if medical errors was ranked on the top ten causes of death in the United States, medical errors would rank at 5th (O’Daniel, 1). This information coming from the joint commission from 1995-2004 explains how these medical errors are worse than accidents, diseases, and traumatic gunshot wounds (O’Daniel, 1). This information is jaw dropping and frightening to patient’s to view something as simple as…show more content…
As stated by the WMA Declaration of Geneva “MY COLLEAGUES will be my sisters and brothers” (Williams, 84). This is a broad statement however, it is guidelines to be followed when someone becomes admitted into the medical field they have to abide by these rules. “All healthcare providers are not equal in terms of their education and training, but they do share a basic human equality as well as similar concern for the well-being of patients” (Williams,

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