Nat Turner's Rebellion Research Paper

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cember 2014 Nat Turner’s Rebellion is commonly known as unsuccessful but, what is the definition of unsuccessful? The definition of unsuccessful is really determined by what unsuccessful means to others. It was successful in many ways but one reason is because he did not rebel for himself, he rebelled because of everyone else that was enslaved as well. Even though Nat Turner was suppressed and oppressed by the system of slavery he knew that God had a bigger plan for him and that plan was not going to take place while he was enslaved. Maybe God's bigger plan was for him to make such a huge impact on America in the 1800’s and in the 2000’s so that citizens could see how terrible blacks were treated from then to now. He realised that…show more content…
They decided to start with their own master and kill him and his family first. They waited until night and killed them in their sleep by stabbing, shooting and clubbing them. Then they continued to other homes and killed any other white people that got in there way. As they were traveling they picked up other slaves so they grew in number. At some point they had 40 slaves travelling with them and most of them traveled on horses. On August 22nd Turner and his crew started to go towards Jerusalem. The word of the rebellion traveled quickly around the white community. So on the way to Jerusalem the revolutionary people ran into the militia, but that didn’t stop them from attempting another attack and some rebels were captured. The ones that escaped are the ones that fought against the state and the federal armies. Rebels killed about 50 people in all. Only one rebel was killed many of them escaped including Turner. Nat turner hid in many places for a long time before being captured. He had a 5 day trial and pleaded guilty, he was sentenced to death for his actions. Turner was hanged and skinned shortly after he pleaded guilty on November 11th. After they skinned Turner they used his skin to make wallets and passed the wallets down generation to generation. Nat Turner had the chance to give a testimony about the rebellion and surprisingly Turner was treated really well as a slave but no slave was really treated well. Altogether 55 enslaved people were killed or banished. 200 slaves were killed in white mobs. Some blacks were executed even if a white person had a little suspicion about the slave being apart in the

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