Analytical Essay: The Third Seal And Trumpet

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The Third Seal and Trumpet Revelation is a book filled with images and prophecies revealed to a John, a disciple of Jesus, by God. It is God's way of giving His people a warning. God unveils what is to come so that His people will be ready for His return. Revelation is a very intense and intimidating book that many readers find scary to start. Revelation was written in such a way where people would only grasp the meaning if they truly desired to find the truth. People who read Revelation will only understand it if they have a sincere longing heart because Revelation is full of symbols and prophecies that can be very confusing or scary. There are seven seals and trumpets in Revelation chapters six through eight. Studying these seals and trumpets will require time, patience and prayer. The seven seals…show more content…
Like Attila the Hun obliterated the Roman Empire, people living in the modern world witness a terror of the same sort. The Islamic State in Iraq and Syria, also known as ISIS, causes havoc in the Middle East. There have been kidnappings, beheadings, and mass murders. They believe it is okay to have sex with non-Muslim women, specifically Yazidi women (Botelho, 2014). They nonchalantly rape women and children and believe there is nothing wrong with it. They believe they can do anything to non-Muslim women and children because in their eyes, the women are simply just property. Recently, ISIS had control over four dams that blocked off the Tigris and Euphrates rivers (Schultz, 2014). These two rivers are significant water sources to the countries and rivers surrounding it. ISIS has targeted many groups, but its main focus is Christians (Angerer, 2014). They threaten and persecute Christians. Thousands of Iraqui Christians have fled their countries in order to remain safe (Angerer, 2014). These evidences provide people a better understanding of the seals and trumpets and how important it is to be

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