Understanding Inter-Professional Healthcare

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Understanding Inter- Professional Healthcare The Purpose and objective of this report is to develop a deeper understanding of inter- professional healthcare, highlighting its methods of implementation, benefits and its barriers it processes. What is inter- professional healthcare? Explained by (RNAO. (2013). Developing and sustaining inter-professional health care: Optimizing patients/ clients, organizational, and system outcomes) The term Inter-professional Healthcare refers to a group partnership of different health professionals to enable effective collaboration and improve health outcomes. The usage of different health professionals with diverse disciplines, skills and knowledge who all striving to achieve the same patient objective…show more content…
This can be achieved by use of inter- professional healthcare creating more positive interaction with clients by empowering the patients/clients as active partners in care. Improvement of care and increasing the coordination of services within the health professional environment is also a factor in the improvement of overall care and satisfaction. Inter- professional healthcare is responsible for the integration of healthcare for a wide range of health needs by the usage of a diverse range of health professionals, which also results in more efficient usage of time. Thus, inter- professional healthcare is the pinnacle of the health professional sector allowing efficiency & effectiveness within the patient objective plan. Healthcare professionals The benefits of inter professional healthcare for healthcare professionals consist of the encouragement of communication and collaboration between health professions. Furthermore, this allows for a diverse environment for innovation and the collective experience facilitating the provider to develop new skills and approaches of patient…show more content…
All the individual healthcare professionals has a unique and different culture, which includes the following factors: behaviors, attitudes, beliefs, values and customs. As each professionals develop the culture of each professions will change as well, reflecting the different factors such as the social, historic and gender factors and issues. These differences lead to a conflict and a barrier within the healthcare profession environment. (Pippa,h.(2005) Interprofessional teamwork: professional cultures as barriers, Vol. 19, Pages

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