The Strengths Of Criminal Behavior Theory

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The author Robert Agnew has clearly identified the strengths and weakness of the criminal behavior theories. Rational Choice crime is the product of conscious decision. Offenders are rational actors who weigh the costs and benefits. Lifestyle crime is one part of a lifestyle that involves other reckless behaviors. Routine Activities criminal events occur when motivated offenders come into contact with desirable targets that lack guardianship. Biosocial Perspective the propensity for criminal behavior is heritable and interacts with the environment. Neuroandrogenic are differences between sexes in crime are caused by hormonal differences. Biological/genetic Brain-based is difference between individuals cause a variety of problem behaviors.…show more content…
Psychodynamic early personality development influences the ability of a person to control ego impulses. Psychopaty is a unique constellation of personality and behavioral characteristics, including a lack of remorse, a lack of conscience and parasitic lifestyle, increase risk of engaging in crime or delinquency. General Strain Theory youth commit crime when they feel strain, when opportunities are blocked, or when things they value are taken away. Social Structure points to unique aspects of the broader social environment that may be crime producing. Social Disorganization neighborhoods characterized by racial heterogeneity, mobility and female-headed households are criminogenic. Funtionalism crime is “normal” and inevitable and serves a purpose in society. Institutional Anomie economic stressors degrade normal institutions of social control, including the family. Informal Social Control rates of crime across neighborhoods reflect differences in collective efficacy, or the ability of communities to informally regulate crime. Social Learning like any other behavior, criminal behavior has to be learned. It can be learned in small groups or learned by watching others (Agnew R. 1992 pn.…show more content…
A person having like of education, having a low IQ, and low self-esteem and not as much financial success are likely to have a criminal behavior. The author stated crime is something that impacts everyone, whether directly as a victim or indirectly through societal and economic costs (eHow 1999-2014). If people who have always stayed in and out of trouble with the law can/will turn to a more established lifestyle. However, everyone from time gets really tired of following the rules and act on a need to go out and break one. Likewise, too much strictness of conformity to rules and laws of society makes a lot of people go out and at least break one to break them free for a moment and live; the only problem is the law doesn’t like what they did. Crime is a major problem for society and males are more prone to commit a crime quicker than a female will. The author stated “the family environment is critical to the upbringing of a child and if problems exist than the child is most likely to suffer the consequences (Jones C. 2005). Overall, I think all of the criminal behavior theories are applicable to the cause

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