Pros And Cons Of Family Presence During Resuscitation

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People do not live their everyday life as if it is their last day to live, if we did we would probably attempt to complete our bucket list or spend time with loved ones. If you can imagine taking your last breath of life how would you want to spend it? A current ethical dilemma among providers is allowing family members at the bedside during the resuscitation period. With any situation there are pros and cons, some see this as a barbaric experience; others see this as an opportunity for closure knowing that everything was done to save their loved one. This eliminates the treacherous thoughts of did they even try to save my family. Even though evidence supports this modality of allowing family presence during resuscitation, many organizations do not practice it. Family presence during resuscitation Introduction One summer night in June 2014 my father took his last breath; my family including seven other siblings was in fear and called 911. Emergency medical services worked on him in our home they loaded him into the ambulance and began transport to the hospital emergency room. The ambulance personnel did not tell my mother anything about his condition or what to expect, they simply loaded him and left with lights and…show more content…
Studies have shown that nurses and physicians have several concerns about family presence during resuscitation. This could allow closure for the family knowing that everything was done in attempt to save their loved one. It mandates that each staff member performs at their highest capability, being that there is family present. It also reminds the staff the patient is a “real person” with a life possibly left behind and it allows family members to be educated on what each machine or tube is doing in regards to helping the patient. Thus far I have had little experience in this situation with family present due to my organization not implementing a

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