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Sydney Langmann Geronimo! Introduction: Geronimo! This popular saying is known as a battle cry, a Native American man, and recently, a song. By the band Sheppard, the song, “Geronimo,” has a unique origin. This song caught my attention and helped me to gain courage when I most needed it. I. The background story of shouting “Geronimo” originates from one Native American. a. Named Goyahkla at birth, Geronimo was a famous Apache chief (Rielly). i. As part of their lifestyle, the Apache people would raid Mexican people’s homes (“Geronimo,” 2015). ii. In response, Mexican soldiers killed Geronimo’s family (Iverson). iii. Enraged, Geronimo hunted down these soldiers for revenge. b. His enemy soon changed to the United States as they started white…show more content…
The band continuously cries “Geronimo!” in an effort to build strength throughout the song. i. This ends when the two sides stop feuding and the lovers reunite (“Geronimo,” 2014). III. The song, Geronimo, has personally helped me become bolder this past year. a. This winter, I had the opportunity to participate in the Polar Plunge. i. From my friends’ past experiences, I did not believe I was prepared to dash into bitterly cold water simply for the thrill of it. ii. However, I was quite mistaken. b. All the way up to the plunge, I repeatedly tried to get out of this crazy tradition by many excuses. i. First it was, “I’m sick ii. Next I tried, “Guys, I think my leg is broken.” iii. My personal favorite was, “I think I broke a nail.” c. All of sudden, we were on the beach, about to leap into the lake. d. Out of the blue, the catchy song “Geronimo” popped into my head. i. Filled with strength from this simple phrase, we tumbled into the icy water, unafraid and unwavered by the cold. Conclusion: Known for many things, the word Geronimo had always stood for bravery and victory. For me, Geronimo is a symbol of adventure and excitement. Whether it is from a song, name, or cry for courage, Geronimo has stood the test of

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