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1. Attila’s territory was a huge piece of land resulting from his leadership skills. This is a map of how large it had been. 2. A big part of his legacy had been in his own time. He was indirectly irresponsible for the fall of the western Roman Empire. It’s not like he took the entire thing down himself, it was already weak in his time. However, he was the one who finally broke them down. Keep in mind this is only the western Roman Empire, not the entire thing. It is still a huge thing for him to be a barbarian to invade Roman territory. 3. One of the only firsthand accounts of Attila the Hun that we have today is from a Greek ambassador and writer named Priscus. Priscus describes in detail how he acted and behaved, especially at a dinner banquet.…show more content…
Attila used fear to keep his own tribe and people under his control, and also to intimidate the Roman Empire. One if his strongest traits as a leader was his persistence. He wasn’t always changing his mind, which made him a reliable leader. Another strong leadership trait he had was how he managed a diverse group of advisors to tell him about different cultures of the world, including his enemies. 6. Today, the world sees Attila the Hun as you average ruthless, vile barbarian, which is definitely not all true. In the firsthand account of Attila, written by Priscus, he also demonstrated fairness while deciding legal cases. Most of his legacy today would be how we remembered him as. He has no real influence on people or anything modern, because he was a barbarian. 7. One of the main reasons people are still talking about him is because of the time he had been alive. As stated, he is seen as a ruthless barbarian. But why is this? Attila the Hun lived when western Rome had fallen. Many things we know about him are from the Romans, Attila’s enemies. Since Attila the Hun terrorized the Romans, they wrote extensively about him, but not always in a positive way. Our memories of him are closely tied with him being one of the causes of the fall of western

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