Climate Change: The Causes And Effects Of Global Warming

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Greenhouse gases such as carbon dioxide and methane, stays in the atmosphere and traps heat, resulting in the phenomenon known as “global warming”. This has caused Earth’s temperature to rise by 1.4°F over the past century on average. Such increases in temperature would directly impact the world’s water resources, food supplies, ecosystems, transportation, agriculture, energy supply and public health. (United States Environmental Protection Agency, 2014) Climate change is a long-term change in the statistical distribution of weather patterns over periods of time. This phenomenon is happening all around the world, as a result of global warming. With a change in the mean temperature around the world, many countries have seen changes in rainfalls. This subsequently results in more floods, droughts or intense rain. (United States Environmental Protection Agency, 2014) More frequent and severe heat waves are also experienced, as well as extreme heat conditions. (Natural Resources Defense Council, 2014) All these could result in loss of life and destruction in infrastructure.…show more content…
Many species of plants and animals could become extinct as most of the world’s ecosystems are interconnected. Polar ice caps in Greenland and Antarctica have also been melting at an unprecedented rate, causing a rise of 0.14 inches per year since the 1990s in sea levels. (National Geographic, 2014) This rise in sea level has caused the loss of coastal areas and barrier islands, and low-lying coastal communities face the increased risk of flooding. Many have lost their homes and families due to floods and rising sea levels in countries such as Bangladesh. (Harris,

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