My Dad: The Best Life In My Life

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There was a time in my life where I didn’t see my dad much. After him and my mom split up, my dad was on a search for better opportunities and options for his future career. There wasn’t very many job available for him to work all year long. The cold winters made it impossible to work outdoors all day. He had to decided if he was going to move away to Alabama or just keep searching for the best job available. He chose Alabama and I was only about 3 years old at that time. Because of my young age, I don’t really remember anything about this time, nor did I understand it. Throughout the years, my dad still made an effort and for it to be possible that my sister and I were able to see him. He mainly was able to see us on holidays like Easter, Thanksgiving, and Christmas. We also were able to see my dad during Spring Break, and we spent every summer down in Alabama. I still continue to visit my dad during these holidays and breaks, while Caitlyn is now living with him and attending Coatal Alabama Comunity…show more content…
When he walks into a room he lights it up in just seconds. He could be the funniest guy you know, or the most serious. He is the kind of person who will understand, even if you have made some mistakes in your life. My dad didn’t grow up with the best life. He didn’t finish his last year of High School, nor did he attend college after receiving his GED. Once he moved to Alabama, he started a construction business with his brother, Adam. My dad was very lucky with the job he has now. With no college degree he gained a terrific job at UTC Aerospace. My dad is now done with his first year of college and still attending a few night classes to receive an associates degree in business. He has worked so hard to acheive a higher position in his career, which he can no longer get to unless he earns this degree, and I will always be greatful for him. Since my dad has put so much effort in building his future, he obviously wants me to be

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