Persuasive Speech On Healthy Food

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Cancer is the most deadly disease the whole world is worried about. Whenever we come across a relative suffering from cancer we feel what must have went wrong. And suddenly we realise that food habbits!!! We make changes in our daily eating habits for a week or two, and again the routine starts. No one is to be blamed here except our daily schedules. These days we lead a mechanical life where no one finds time for a healthy food. Adding to the pressure, the work timings, pollution in air are other reasons to get prone to diseases like cancer. However, we can avoid the risk of getting affected by cancer with some small changes in our diet. Firstly we should be aware of the foods we buy. Are they healthy for us or cancer causing. Secondly we should follow healthy method of cooking, which can avoid the risk of cancer. Generally the cancer causing diets are quite regular in our daily life, but we are unaware that they are cancer causing foods. Hence, we have made a comprehensive list of most potential cancer causing foods, which you should avoid from today. Always remember try to lead a healthy lifestyle if you want your progeny to be healthy.…show more content…
hydrogenated oils- hydrogenated oils are commonly called as silent killers. Hydrogenated oils undergo various levels of processing which make them rancid. As a result of hydrogenation and oxidation processes, the oil is converted into Trans fat. This trans fatty acids are said to influence cell metabolism and structure and posing a threat of cancer. Hydrogenated oils are very difficult to eliminate from the body as their half life is too high i.e. 52 days. Whereas butter has a half life of just 12 days. Hence once consumed you are almost inviting toxins into the body. These are the main reasons behind breast cancer and colon cancer. Most importantly most of them use the same oil for deep fries repeatedly which can increase the threat to double. Hence avoid

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