Wall Street Money Never Sleeps Case Study

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Question 1: Wall Street: Money Never Sleeps follows the daily life of an ambitious investment banker, Jacob Moore and Gordon Gekko, a Wall Street legend sentenced to eight years in prison for security fraud and money laundering. In 2000, Gekko is released and finds that his only daughter, Winnie, would prefer to remain estranged than to be associated with her father and her family name. A further eight years later, Winnie is dating Jacob who is now working for his mentor Louis Zabel at Keller Zabel. Unfortunately, Keller Zabel takes a dramatic hit on the stock market due to false rumours and Louis Zabel is forced to turn to the Federal Reserve and is victim to a hostile takeover by investment bank partner Bretton James of Churchill Schwartz. Due to the takeover, Jacob’s job is on the line and he turns to Gordon Gekko during one of Gekko’s lectures about his new book, “Is Greed Good?” Jacob introduces himself to Gekko as Winnie’s fiancé and the two form a relationship based on their love for Winnie and the stock market. Gekko slowly reveals his theories regarding the downfall of Keller Zabel which entice Jacob to take action and avenge the death of the investment banking firm and his beloved mentor. Slowly, however, Gekko reveals his true colours and the very reason why Winnie preferred to remain estranged. Question 2: False Rumours…show more content…
Public money is essentially the people’s tax money which should go towards bettering the roads, upgrading hospitals and schools and providing the poor with housing. Private companies therefore, should not be bailed out with the public’s money as these companies chose to be private and therefore have to bail themselves out of their financial situation. Private companies, do provide essential services to the public at a cost, this, however, does not make using public money to bail private companies out a financial situation

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