Problems Facing Community Colleges

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One of the most extensive problems I have noticed in my community is the underfunding of schools. There is a desperate need for reform of public spending. Insufficient funding leads to a multitude of problems, such as students feeling doubtful of their level of education and teachers feeling overwhelmed and incapable of providing the best education possible. Students in high-poverty communities like my own do not have access to the technology and materials that they deserve. In my own public high school, I have consistently noticed the lack of textbooks and materials. Most often, when there are enough materials for all the students in a class, the teacher has received outside funding or has paid out of pocket. For example, in my statistics class, there was no where near enough textbooks for the amount of students taking the class; therefore, my teacher had to find an illegal PDF to give to those students who he could not assign a physical book. Furthermore, although cell phones are forbidden at my school, teachers often have to utilize them for…show more content…
Repeatedly, I have heard students mocking their own education because they go to county school such as my own, Hampton High. With this bleak outlook, students are under no impression that they are even a candidate for top colleges, and are even urged to settle for community college. I have seen leading students in my own school settle for community college because they are not encouraged to apply for competitive colleges, nor do they believe they will be able to afford to attend a competitive college. At the same time, educators also suffer. This year, I witnessed two of the most incredible and devoted teachers I have ever met walk out due to low pay and inability to provide for their classroom. Without passionate teachers or even textbooks, the reason why students feel despondent towards their education is

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