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Josef Mengele has always been recognized as the “Angel of Death”. He was an officer and a doctor at Auschwitz during World War II. Besides being known for making the decision of who was sent to the gas chamber and who was allowed to live, Mengele is also widely known for his famous fascination with twins. Although Mengele has a reputation for being a heinous mistake for a human being, numerous accounts given by twins from Auschwitz testify that he was a friend or a fatherly figure to them, and that he protected and cared for them. Mengele caused the deaths of thousands of men, women, and children during the Holocaust, performed unthinkable experiments on helpless children, and although he may have protected the twins of Auschwitz, there is…show more content…
He stood on the platform and decided who of the new arrivals was fit enough to work, and who would to be sent to the gas chamber. While most officers found this task to be slightly morally challenging, Mengele did not. According to every account, Mengele found no displeasure in having the power to decide between life and death. Dressed in his best uniform, he smiled and even whistled as he sent three quarters of the innocent people to their deaths. This is how Mengele earned the nickname “The Angel of Death”. The doctor was obsessed with power, and being able to make the decision that allowed people to live or die was the perfect opportunity for him to exert his authority over the defenseless. He even went so far as to show up when he was not scheduled to be working on the platform; he went for sheer amusement. Mengele’s desire for power and apparent enjoyment of sending people to die proves that there was no hope of him ever having a conscience and will forever deem him as a heartless man responsible for the deaths of thousands of…show more content…
When twins arrived at Auschwitz, the doctor immediately showed joy and would separate them from the others so that numerous experiments would be performed on them. Josef Mengele’s obsession with twins became well known, and occasionally, mothers would announce that her children were twins to try to save their lives, while others denied it to save them from the torture of many disturbing procedures. Mengele would always keep the twins safe from other officers and even offer them candy or rides in his car. But then, he would begin his work on them. Amputations, removal of organs, injections of diseases, and blood transfusions between twins were all monstrous deeds that were executed on children. In addition, the doctor also tried to create blue eyes, which were the ideal, by dropping or injecting chemicals into the eye. Side effects of these procedures included extreme pain, temporary or permanent blindness, and infection. However, physical pain was not the only kind felt by these children. They were forced to be examined for days, naked and mortified, while even the smallest details of their bodies were compared with their sibling’s. Hence, there is no fathomable possibility that a man who is willing to essentially torture and humiliate young children would ever be able to be known as anything but a shameless, horrific

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