American Sniper Film Analysis

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American Sniper is a film that took place in Iraq War. Its about a man name Chris Kyle’s played by Bradley Cooper that was angered by an attack at the U.S. Embassy that killed many Americans, so he enlisted into the Military all he wanted to do is kill `enemies and he so happen to be a great Sniper Shooter so he went in as a Navy Seal and worked with the U.S. Marine Corp to protect his country and his wife Taya, played by Sienna Miller and his kids. Chris mission was to be a Sniper Shooter and protect his brothers at War in the Battle Field, as he is the main target for the enemies in the War Zone. Chris serves Four Tours as he returns each time from a Tour he finds that he can’t leave the War behind so he keeps returning, despite the tragic…show more content…
His partner who’s on the roof with him playing a video game says “you know they’ll send you away if you there not guilty.” So the kid approaches the convoy as he is pulling the trigger the scene switches over to a kid hunting with his Father and the kid aims and shoots at the Deer. The kid ran over to the Deer and dropped his Rifle on the floor and his Father quickly tells him to pick it up and never to leave his Rifle behind no matter what. As they approach the Deer to look at the shot, his father says “that was a hella of a shot son one day you’ll make a fine hunter.” The transition from the Battle Field with a man in the Combat about to shoot a women and a kid to a little boy shooting a Deer really threw me off. I was into the part in the Battle Field and couldn’t wait to see what his decision was, going from pulling a trigger on a kid to a deer made me wonder “would this be a good film to watch?” I continued watching and it goes to a part where a little boy and his Brother at Church were messing around but from the looks of it, they’re well disciplined by their Parents reacted. It then goes to the scene where the family is eating at the table and their Father is giving them a speech.…show more content…
Now some people prefer to believe that evil does not exist in the World, but if there was dark in their door step they wouldn’t know how to protect themselves, does are the sheep”. As he says that the movie goes to a scene of a little kid getting beat up by a kid in a playground at school and another kid which looks to be his brother comes in and jumps in the fight and starts beating up the attacker. It went back to the table and he kept talking and said “then you got Predators that use violence to Prey on the weak the Wolves. Blessed with the Gift of aggression, over power the need to fight with a Fly, these Men are the Rare Breed that live to over Power the Wolf, they’re the Sheep Dog,” their father pulls out his belt and slaps it on the table and says, “were not raising no sheep but I will whoop your ass if you turn into a Wolf, but we protect our own if someone tries to fight or bully your little Brother, you have my permission to finish it.” The older Brother says “the guy was picking on Jeff.” Father asked Jeff, “Is that true?” Jeff then said

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