Liam O 'Flaherty's The Sniper'

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Have you ever wondered how a solder feels at war? After all, he has killed and gotten injured many times before. How would you feel in these conditions? In the story “The Sniper” by Liam O’ Flaherty, a boy who was trained to be a sniper is finally allowed to battle. He is excited to finally use his new skills in the Irish civil war. In the story O’Flaherty includes the element of surprise to reveals that war cause not only physical risk, but also psychological suffering. At first the author starts slow in his style of writing but once the action starts, the story feels like it is going very fast. The author also uses suspense t catch the reader’s attention. The author uses a lot of examples of physical risk in his work. In the beginning the sniper is hiding on a rooftop near…show more content…
The sniper shoots a man and an old woman who knows he is there. After this he is shot but he also feels remorse. He is pained psychologically because the man and woman were the first people he had ever killed and he felt bad about it. His feeling of remorse makes it suspenseful because he feels guilty. Makes you wonder if he can take the pressure. It catches your attention because you are wondering what he will do next. Is he willing enough to kill the gunman on the other roof? The sniper plays a trick on the other gunman which makes you anxious if it will work. When the other gunman falls for it and stands up, the sniper shoots and kills him. He feels happy because he succeeded but is quickly replaced by guilt. He starts sweating and he starts cursing everything. Meaning he is sickened by the thought that the world would make him do this. He is curious to see who he killed. The story becomes intense because you also want to know who did it. When he goes to look, you find out it was his brother. The story ends here but the cliffhanger makes you anxious what the sniper would do

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