Peter And John In Nicolas Poussin's Painting

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Who were these Prophets? Peter and John were disciples of God. Also, they were strong believers of God. In this painting they were portray as healers. Nicolas Poussin painted this painting as an expression through his imagination and creativity. With ideas from other artists, he created this beautiful and magnificent painting. In the painting of Saints Peter and John Healing the lame man, the terms depict each element, such as, subject matter, content, context, style, medium and formal analysis. Subject Matter On the top step sits a lame man. Peter is holding the lame man left arm while John is reaching out to him as well. A lady with a baby is on the lower step begging for money. Another lady to the right is carrying a basket on her head. On both sides of the crowd are tall buildings. On the left side of one of the buildings are two…show more content…
It was in the Baroque, Classicism period. The artist paints people and buildings that were easily identifiable. This is call representational style. The people in the painting look realistic because of the way the artist paint the painting. Also, the artist use bright colors to paint the robes which give the overall painting a roman cultural style to it. Nicolas compulsively premeditated every aspect of his technique, such as, line and colors (Artable). Medium This painting is paint with color that looks alive; it is mix with oil and then applied to the canvas. The technique that Nicolas uses to paint oil painting differs from everyone else. He follows this carefully in order to get a good result. Poussin draw sketch and then transfer the final paint image to his painting, this is crucial part of innovative method. “Poussin's preparatory drawings tend to be less finish than those of his contemporaries, and are utterly voluminous: the artist would sketch dozens of versions of the final theme, varying lighting, poses and composition” (Artable). Formal

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