Personal Narrative: Working At Mack Truck

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My favorite brand is anything associated with “Mack.” When I was 10 years old, I was given a bulldog that would stand on your desk. It is dated 1976 and I have been fascinated with it ever since. I had vowed one day I would work at Mack Trucks. When the company moved down to North Carolina, I figure my dream was gone. After Mack came back into the area, I was bouncing around different jobs trying to find a place to belong. Then one day, a friend told me to call this number and I would enjoy the company. That one phone call brought me to where I am today working with Mack Trucks. In any job, you will have your ups and downs but every morning I look forward to going into work to fulfill my dream. Now I collect all kinds of things with…show more content…
telling a story about Mack Trucks Digital Marketing from the Marketing Manager, Neil Tolbert. He is focusing on bringing a consistent presence online for many to follow on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram. He explains finding ways to connect the community and humanizing the brand. Mack Trucks is owned by Volvo Group Trucks Operations. When you look into Volvo on twitter, you find many articles about traffic safety. Volvo/Mack Trucks are big believers in safety inside and outside the work environment. We are building trucks to have sustainability while driving the big rigs at high speed and even low speed you could drive with one finger. A cool video to watch is the epic split featuring Claude Van Damme on YouTube where he does this split between two moving semi-trucks. The two trucks are moving in reverse to prove the stability in the dynamic steering. Here is a link to watch the…show more content…
This is where Volvo believes in “together we move the world” and Mack Trucks backs it up with “Born Ready” to conquer the world in the trucking industry. The Mack Brand was born in Brooklyn, New York in 1900’s and was delivering tough, durable vehicles to the market ever since. Mack is one of the oldest brands in the transport industry and was started by two innovative brothers Jack and Gus Mack. This innovation came at a time in history where there were no trucks on the road and everything was delivered by rail. The new emblem is about driving the brand forward to deliver to our customers what they have come to expect from Mack. Like other brands in America, Mack holds the iconic status around the world. If you ask someone about an American Motorcycle, you would think “Harley Davidson.” When you as about an American Truck, you do not think Kenworth, but Mack

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