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INTRODUCTION The research entitled: Prevalence and Treatment of Chronic Pain in the Philippines is suggesting the key phenomenon and the group under the study. The title of research can already introduce the content of research to the reader. In addition, there are currently no data on the prevalence and incidence of chronic pain in the Philippines. Henry Lu, M.D. and Francis Javier, M.D. are the researchers of the study. Both authors have received honoraria, lecture fees and travel grants from pharmaceutical companies involved in pain management, and have declared past funding for related work. Both doctors are members of the advisory board for Lyrica® (Pfizer), a prescription medication used to treat neuropathic pain and fibromyalgia. They…show more content…
The review also concludes with summary and interpretation of the literature and its implications for the problem investigated. The relevancy of each reference was explained and organized in problem-solution order. The related literature is cited logically flow in such a way that the references least related to the problem are discussed first and the most related references are discussed last. It also educates the reader about the problem or topic. The literature also concludes with a summary and interpretation of the literature and its implications for the problem…show more content…
The major findings interpreted and discussed within context of prior research. The researcher discusses the implications of the study for clinical practice or further research and it is reasonable and complete. CONCLUSION The present quantitative survey was conducted not only to estimate the prevalence and incidence of chronic pain in the general adult population of the Philippines but also to identify the sufferers’ perceived and stated causes of chronic pain and to quantify current treatment. The results of this study will help develop an understanding of the impact of chronic pain on economic factors, quality of life, and daily living, based on the rationale that exploring the attitudes of sufferers towards pain and their experiences of pain is required for understanding the sufferers’ behavior. The study was conducted in the Philippines via a quantitative sample survey that involved face-to-face interviews using a two-phase structured questionnaire. The research design and procedures are appropriate for examining the research question or testing the hypotheses of the study. The research design minimizes biases and threats to the internal and external

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