Assisted Suicide Research Paper

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In recent years, the number of countries legalizing or considering legalizing doctor-assisted suicide has increased notably. While some countries have decriminalized the controversial act of assisted suicide, including Switzerland, Belgium, the Netherlands, and selected states in the United States have allowed, under different terms, doctors to assist patients who qualify and express a desire to end their life due to medical reasons. Though globally the idea of assisted suicide is becoming less taboo, some countries are only now decriminalizing suicide. For various reasons, including religion, many see assisted suicide as unethical because they believe that no one had the right to say when someone should die. In addition, those opposed also…show more content…
The article addressed arguments against assisted suicide, and provided counterarguments to support patients’ choice of whether or not a patient decided to continue life. The article starts off by mentioning that now-a-days, governments are allowing citizens more liberty and autonomy, and in that, citizens should have the right to decide whether or not to continue their life. Secondly, the article mentions that assisted dying is becoming legal in more countries, or is progressing to becoming legal in more countries. Next, it introduces the first argument against assisted dying, that ending a life is wrong, because, as suggested in some cultures, the human life is sacred. It follows this argument up with another which suggests that allowing doctors to assist dying will lead to cumulative malpractice. At this point, the author brings up the argument that liberty and autonomy are origins of human dignity and therefore it is a persons’ right to choose to end their life if continuing their life meant prolonged suffering. The next argument against assisted dying brought up is that if assisted suicide remained illegal, doctors who exploited the system could be prosecuted as they should. The article points out that this an unethical and unworkable option to ensure that the system is not misused by doctors. It brings forth two other…show more content…
Providing facts as counterarguments leaves little room for disagreeing with information conferred. Though no facts can argue with assisted suicide being wrong due to religious rights, the article addresses the argument by presenting values of current forms of government not being addressed, as globally, humans continue to receive more autonomy and liberty. Even if a reader does not agree with the argument of the author, the reader is given a lot to think about. The arguments made by the author were convincing. The author presented many arguments and addressed them with facts so that they could not be denied. Also, the author presented counterarguments in a non-offensive way and without shutting arguments down, thus giving readers opposed an opportunity to consider the other side without writing of the article due to its strong bias. The arguments presented in the article were persuasive and added to the argument of the

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