The Importance Of Grid Computing

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grid computing is the next generation computing on the internet.which is called resourse pool. grid computing is computer network in which computer resources are shared with every comouter in the system.processing power,memory and data storage are all community resources that athorized users can tap into it and use for specific task. The main idea behind that on the internet many computer’s remain idle.So we can use it as a large-scale resource sharing,innovative application ,scientific data manipulation,data storage and many more. grid computing is technology for coordinating large resource sharing and problem solving among numbers of group.grid computing is different from others like internet,peer to peer computing and enterprise…show more content…
because every node is connected over internet and user gives cycle, storage so what is the security? how much user confidential data is safe? this type of question arise regarding safety . grid middleware are split up into the following components []: – basic middleware: This module provides the basic abstraction layer from the system integrated in the grid and also the API for developing and running applications on the grid. – authentication and authorization system: This module is responsible for the authentication and authorization of users, virtual organizations, and processes accessing the grid. – workload management / scheduling: This module manages the scheduling, distribution, and prioritization of jobs and processes running on the…show more content…
This work would be essential to make easy and cheaper cooperation between people and resources of various organizations. In addition, because of Parallel computing nature, the work would be beneficial for the areas like: • Bio-medical field • Financial modeling • Motion picture animation and many others References 1.Security in grid computing ‘’MuhammadMuhammad Asif Habib? and Michael Thomas Krieger’’ 2.Autonomic Computing: An overview “ M. Parashar, and S. Hariri, Hot Topics, Lecture. Notes in Computer Science, Springer Verlag, Vol. 3566, pp. 247-259, 2005. 3. Fundamentals of Grid computing IBM Redbooks Paper, author: Viktors Berstis, November 11, 2002. 4. Burke, S., Campana, S., Lorenzo, P.M., Nater, C., Santinelli, R., Sciaba, A.: gLite 3.1 user guide. Members of the EGEE-II Collaboration. 1.2 edn. (April 2008) 5. Re-thinking grid security architechture Yuri Demchenko, Cees de Laat, Oscar Koeroo, David Groep NIKHEF 6. Virtual Workspaces. [Online]. Available: 7. Security for Grid Services Von Welch, Frank Siebenlist, Ian Foster, John Bresnahan, Karl Czajkowski, Jarek Gawor, Carl Kesselman, Sam Meder1 Laura Pearlman3 Steven

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